Competition rules
                                                 in Deutsch

 1. The competition will start on 1.5.2003 and end on 30.4.2004. 
    Every month three problems will be placed on this web site, 
    correct solution of each problem will be rewarded with one 
    point. Thus, during the competition a maximum of 36 points 
    can be achieved.
 2. For each problem participants have to choose between two moves.
    Only the chosen move has to be sent, reasons and analysis 
    leading to this conclusion are not required. If a competitor 
    comes to the conclusion, that another move is the best one in 
    this position he still has to choose between the two moves
    given with the problem.
 3. Solutions should be sent to the competition referee preferably by
    email or by post to

     Claus Tempelmann
     Leibnizstrasse 49
     39104 Magdeburg
     The solutions must  reach the referee by the deadline. Any of the 
     common notations is allowed, WXF notation is preferred.
 4. Each participant should choose a pseudonym (could be the real
    name), under which he would like to take part in the competition. 
    Results of each month as well as the overall ranking will be 
    published on this web site.
 5. The competition referee will evaluate submitted solutions. 
    The referees decision is final. This is just a game and should not 
     be taken all too seriously. No legal appeal will be admitted.
 6. The three participants with most points at the end of the 
    competition will receive a diploma. The winner  gets a small prize.
    Another prize will be drawn by lots among all entrants, who have 
    participated regularly and have achieved at least one point per month.